you dont want read just click        for free admin registration         watch this video

Payment is made by qlinkgroup for
1 week’s Entry. So if you want to start work
with qlink group then you have to start work
from Friday night and your payment will be
made if you entry minimum 800 Entry  in a
week. Otherwise qlink group will not pay for
your Entry.


·       You have to do minimum 1,600 Entry to get a
   successful payment.
·       Go to Go to > Login >

   Test with this         Username:  vasi1
                                  Password:  123456                              
·      After login you will see a the option “Qlink Software”
  Click "Qlink Software" to download the type
   Software. Now open the software.
   > Click QlinkClient.exe.
   > Click Options.
   > Put username and password and press Save.
    > Click Solve CAPTCHAs.
   Press Start button and start solving!
    > Its not opening software download dot-net frame work 2 or 3 or 4 download install software its well open then you start work


·       Entry the Captcha appropriately before timeout.
·       After type press “Enter” on keyboard to Entry.
·       You can press “pause” if  you need to take a rest.
·       You will see a demo of solved Captcha image at
   down of the first page.
·       If any Captcha is unreadable put “?” (question sign)
   and press “Enter”.
·       Too many “?” Entry can harm your work or ID can
   be banned so be careful about your Entry.
Working With Multi ID Software :

You will be given Multi ID Software after 500 Entry
if you want where you can use 3-4 ids. So you can
Entry more at the same time. Many website sell this
Multi ID Software but for this group workers it will be
given free and you will not be charged extra for
using 3-4 ids.

·       Start the Software. Then click “Set Account”
   and enter ID & Password.
·       Completing Add, Click “Add Account” again and
   enter the 2nd ID & Password. In same process Add
   the 3rd ID and Password, thus continue.
·        After Adding IDs, Click “Start Work” and start
    to Entry.
·       Captcha loading will continue. At night if Captcha
   load is fast enough with 3 IDs and hard to Entry
   before timeout then you can pause ID by uncheck
   the Box at left side of ID. You can also Delete ID
   from Software by clicking “Delete Account”. Write
   the ID you want to Delete and click the “Delete”
   button. But pause is better. You can Add again
   those ID you Deleted.
·       To stop the work Click “pause” and close the

How take work from me Multi in one software free to work ids 

qlink group Payment Method :
Friday to Friday counting
monday we will pay
 weekly payment to reach 800 captcha for id


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